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HPE SimpliVity

Hyper Simple. Hyper Scalable. Hyperconverged.

IT is under constant pressure to reduce down time, integrate new technologies, and deliver IT services faster… all while improving ROI.

That's why it's time we introduce you to HPE SimpliVity.

With HPE SimpliVity, we'll fully integrate your software and hardware devices, increase storage and backup efficiency, and improve application performance… all for less than you'd invest in a public Cloud solution.

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reduction in data center devices


reduction in storage


decrease in


increase in staff productivity

HPE SimpliVity has proven to be a game-changer for our clients.

Deployment in under 4 hours

ROI in under 18 months

Up to 100:1 data efficiency

37:1 median customer data efficiency

… which is why we GUARANTEE a minimum of a 10:1 data efficiency across storage and backup combined.


We'll consolidate your entire infrastructure into a single, integrated solution to simplify and streamline your IT environment, meet your company's technology needs and dramatically improve ROI.

Server Consolidation


By reducing your data center footprint, you’ll improve operational efficiency, lower costs and improve overall performance.

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Hi Performance Storage

High Performance Storage

Nothing compares to HPE SimpliVity's all-flash solutions for the highest possible level of performance, data integrity and availability.

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Data Backup

Data Backup & Recovery

You'll sleep better at night knowing HPE SimpliVity's built-in backup and data recovery system is working around the clock to protect your data.

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ABBA Technologies and HPE SimpliVity… changing the way you do business.

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HPE SimpliVity

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See how Abba Technologies and HPE SimpliVity will reduce costs, simplify your IT environment and deliver scalable technology to meet your needs now and in the future.

VM Efficiency


Get more virtual desktops with less hardware and experience how simple it is to add nodes or globally backup, restore or clone a virtual machine.

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No Boundaries

No Boundaries

Centralized management and built-in protection for remote and branch offices results in significant server and licensing cost savings at every location.

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Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud Environment

Experience all the benefits of cloud without the associated risks.

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