Application availability and performance is the main reason for the investment of the right IT infrastructure for any organization. Abba’s solutions are designed with this goal in mind.

Virtualization, Compute, Storage, and Network

Abba’s solutions from the leading industry suppliers provide the right combination of these systems for businesses of any size to achieve the application performance and availability needed to operate cost-effectively.

What our customers experience:

Highly skilled and professional technical staff with over 100 technical industry certifications

Planning, design, and implementation services

Support services for either ongoing projects or project support

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Hyperconvergence takes technology to the next level by delivering application availability and performance at a cost-effective level never seen before. Our hyperconvergence solutions can benefit nearly any mid-sized to large organization.

  • Key Reasons to Consider Hyperconvergence:
    1. Reduce datacenter costs
    2. Simplify datacenter operations
    3. Streamline onsite and offsite backups
  • Key Benefits of Hyperconvergence:
    1. Built in disaster recovery with no additional licensing
    2. Lower IT labor costs
    3. Increased application availability


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Cyber Security

One of the biggest challenges today is how to safeguard your critical IT assets from the cyber-attacks that are threatening businesses on a daily basis.  Unfortunately, the reality is that there is no perfect solution to these attacks.  Abba helps our customers focus on hardening their IT environments to reduce or eliminate any potential vulnerabilities.  Our process is simple yet effective:

  • Test for vulnerabilities (penetration tests)
  • Assess and prioritize vulnerabilities
  • Remediate the vulnerabilities
  • Recommend policies, processes, and protection tools to eliminate future vulnerabilities.


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Pre-packaged Software and Peripherals

A big part of IT is all the things that go with your systems. Customers can buy any IT-related peripheral or pre-packaged software from Abba Technologies at competitive rates. With thousands upon thousands of items to choose from, Abba will help you find the correct peripheral or software package that fit your needs at the right price.


We're proud of our Director of Engineering, Gary Florez, for completing EC Council's Certified CISO (CCISO) Program.

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