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Abba Technologies holds the MSP Verify Certification with SOC 1 and Type 2 Audit and the Elite Cyber Verify AAA Risk Assurance Rating

The MSPCV is the oldest certification program for cloud computing and managed services providers. It is based on the 10 control objectives of the Unified Certification Standard for Cloud & MSPs. The Cyber Verify is designed to provide consumers greater transparency and assurance when it comes to the cyber security practices of those providers.


That's why it's time you know about ABBA's IT WorksTM.

With IT Works, we'll provide 24/7 proactive IT support… at one low, affordable and scalable flat rate.

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IT Works has transformed our clients' businesses.

Augmented IT support

IT support when and where needed – remote and onsite

Problems fixed before becoming an issue

Increased productivity, lower costs

Ability to work online anywhere, anytime

It's no wonder Abba Technologies has a 98% satisfaction rating!


Abba Technologies Team

Professional Support

You'll find our expert IT team is typically more available and accessible than any onsite team would be, ready when you need it.

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Abba Technologies Team

Proactive Maintenance

Our monitoring systems are constantly tracking key elements of your hardware and software to identify and fix problems before they become an issue, saving you time & money.

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Virtual CIO

Virtual CIO

Our team will help you map out what technology you will need to match your business goals.

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Experience affordable, effective enterprise-class management, security, support and reporting that traditionally is available only in a corporate environment.

Assessment.   Consulting.   Planning.   Design.   Implementation.   Project Management.   Automated Reports.

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It's time to address escalating costs, rapidly changing technology, missed milestones and the need for tighter security and regulatory compliance.

Why are so many businesses and organizations
migrating to managed IT services?

Below are just a few of the many reasons:

Thousands of ransomware attacks occur daily in the U.S.

Attacks are costly, and expose businesses to the liability that comes with the exposure of sensitive client data.

IT Services

Most businesses and organizations are not prepared for natural and man-made disasters.

A single hour of downtime will cost most businesses thousands.

Ten Thousands

Tens of thousands of hard drives in the U.S. crash every week.

Recovery, which may or may not be successful, typically costs more than $5,000.

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