Cloud Server

Cloud Server is a cloud service provided through CloudWorks powered by Abba Technologies™ – a trusted technology partner since 1993.

Cloud Server is a virtual private server which takes the place of a physical server, no more clunky servers taking up valuable space in the office. It has all the benefits of a physical server without all the risk and cost. Cloud Server is able to give businesses the best of both worlds the flexibility and scalability of a cloud application but security of a traditional server.

Cloud Server does away with the skyrocketing cost of owning and maintaining a server. Why own hardware that can break and will eventually need to be replaced?

If you are planning on growing your business in the next 3-5 years, Cloud Server is the simple and cost effective solution to this dilemma. Cloud Server allows businesses to expand without disrupting service, unlike traditional servers, that require hardware and service upgrades. Cloud Server provides convenience and efficiency while being extremely cost effective.

Move your server infrastructure to the cloud through virtualization software located in our state of the art data center and take advantage of the high availability and resiliency we can provide. Size your servers for what you need now and still have the ability to expand RAM, processing power and storage in the future.

Our Customers Rave

“A year ago we were just starting our business. We had no proper place to store a server nor did we really know how big of a device we needed. Like most small start-ups we were also looking to control costs. Abba presented their CloudWorks solution and it fit exactly what we needed. We have no equipment on site, have a server that is right sized for our business and have the ability to increase the capabilities of the server as our business grows.”

– Lloyd McGrady, Managing Partner of McGrady & Associates.

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