Cloud Security

Cloud Security is a way for businesses to properly protect data and applications from threats.

The typical security architecture would include a firewall, intrusion protection system (IPS) and a secure VPN remote access capability. With Cloud Security powered by Abba Technologies you will be able to keep your network safe without the big price tag.

Not every business has the budget to purchase and maintain this high level security hardware. That’s where Cloud Security comes in, you can join our private cloud platform and have your network fully protected. Already have the security hardware, firewall / IPS,  but don’t know how to use it? Cloud Security can use your existing security and maximize the effectiveness.

Not sure that you need your network secure? There are millions of cyber-attacks yearly and the FCC estimates these attacks that exploit network vulnerabilities can cost upward of $1 trillion annually. Most of these attacks go unnoticed until it is too late.

Small to medium businesses are at the greatest risk for cyber-attacks. With large budgets, bigger companies are able to put the proper security measures in place to secure their networks. This leaves less secure businesses as targets for attack. In a 2011 survey done by the FCC, reported that 74 percent of small to medium businesses have been affected by cyber-attacks in the past 12 months. Cloud Security puts the hardware in place and the proper reporting methods to insure that your network is secure.

Cloud Security is your business’ safe guard from security threats. Don’t fall victim to a cyber-attack, Cloud Security is here to protect you.

Cloud Security powered by Abba Technologies is the only  provider of this type of high level security for small to medium sized businesses.

Key Benefits of Cloud Security

  • Reporting & Analysis on Firewall Syslogs – Mitigate attacks as they happen
  • Reporting on BOTNET Filters – Don’t let your computer become a “bot”
  • Reporting on IPS – Protects your entire network in real-time
  • Traffic Analysis from Netflow – Know where the threat is coming from
  • Permanent storage for Historical needs- Keep your data

To learn more about the FCC findings on small business security threats, click here

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