Cloud Backup

Every business owner knows how critical it is to backup key company data and files.

Be able to “HIT” restore if something happens.  Cloud Backup is a secure off-site data storage service that is backing up all data in case of system failure. Gone are the days of a manual backup with DVD or external hard drives.

Cloud Backup is able to address multiple forms of loss including a workstation or server, physical device in a virtualized environment, or a bare metal restore.

A major disaster, like a flood, fire or natural disaster, can quickly wipe out data but with Cloud Backup’s fully automated off-site replication, data can be quickly restored.  Cloud Backup gives businesses peace of mind that their data is safe.

Not only is data protected from major disaster but it is also removing the risk of someone taking tapes or drives home.  Data is completely secure in Cloud Backup there is no more need to worry if something has been saved. We take to backup responsibility out of the administrator’s hands and hand it over to a trained IT expert to make sure backup is done regularly and reliably.

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