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Protecting Against the Growing Threat of Cyber-Extortion

Due to the rising number of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks and how they can cripple an organization’s network. DDoS attacks are sometimes launched for political, philosophical or competitive reasons, or just for the amusement of the attacker. Extortion is the motive behind many…

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The ‘Hidden’ Benefits of Managed Services

In my last post, I talked about the true costs of IT, and how managed services can help keep them in line. That’s what organizations are typically looking for when they turn to managed services — resolution of IT pain points and reduced overhead costs….

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Don’t Be Duped by “Scareware”

In our last post, we discussed the rise of “ransomware” – a nasty combination of malware and extortion that encrypts all your files and demands money in exchange for the key. Other forms of ransomware use popup messages claiming that the government or police have…

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